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Bitkisel Toprak Çeşitleri

Avla Top Soil

Contains Silt, Soil and Avla Organic Mix

Economical mixture that can be applied in large areas containing sufficient amount of silt and organic material for general use mixtures.

Avla Light Blend

Contains Silt, Soil, Pumice and Avla Organic Mix

They are light plant growing media that can be adjusted according to the strength calculations of the usage areas (roof, parking lot etc.).

Avla Planting Blend

Contains Silt, Soil, Pumice, Volcanic Tuff and Avla Organic Mix

It is an ideal growing environment for the development of plant roots with high porosity, which can be used as general gardening soil for tree, shrub and similar plant planting pits.

Avla Top Soil For Seeding

Contains Avla Organic Mix, Silt and Soil

The indispensable top layer soil of grass seed applications; with its high organic matter, balanced silt and soil ratio and weight, porosity our top layer soil will not only protect your garden from germination but also from bird attacks.

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Avla Pot Blend

Contains First Class Organic Matter, Silt and Soil

It is a first class organic matter prepared with the expertise of Avla Nature Architects for home, balcony and flower pot uses. It has the necessary food content for all kinds of green and flowering plants.

Special Compounds

Includes components to choose.

These are special mixtures that can be prepared on order.

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