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Detailed information, images and videos about the brands and products we represent are presented below for your attention.


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Portafill 5000CT

Mobile Vibrating Screener

The Portafill 5000CT mobile vibrating screener is one of the latest products added to the Portafill family. Portafill 5000CT, which can be used in sieving stone, soil, sand, stone chips, minerals and similar materials, is designed for screening applications that are required for heavy duty work. While it provides a great advantage in transportation with its body that can be folded and folded into a single container, it has the strength to carry out the heaviest works in stone and mines.

5000CT Videolar

PDF for 5000CT specifications

Portafill 4000T

Mobile Drum Screener

Portafill's 4000T model drum screener is a version of the popular 4000W model with pallet walk. Ideal for sifting garden soil, compost, bark, litter and all kinds of recycling materials. The 4000T's crawler walking system allows it to move independently within the work area, and makes it possible to easily move between areas with a low bed trailer.

4000T Videolar

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PDF for 4000T specifications

Portafill 7000IC-R

Mobile Impact Crusher

Portafill 7000IC-R is a model that offers the addition of screen and circulation system in addition to the standard 7000IC features. Large parts can be reloaded into the crusher's chamber or the reserve chamber next to the machine. The circulation system folds hydraulically and thanks to this patented mechanism, the system does not need to be removed from the machine during transportation.

7000IC-R Videolar

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PDF for 7000IC-R specifications

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Portafill TC80 and TC60

Mobile Crawler Conveyor Belt

Portafill International manufactures palletized and wheeled conveyor belt systems designed to complement compact sieve types. These conveyor belts are ideal for stocking processed materials from sieves or crushers in larger batches and reducing costs.

TC80 ve 60 Videolar

TC80 and

PDFs for TC60 specifications

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