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We love the soil. We know the land.

We bring the garden of your dreams together with the knowledge of the soil.



Avla Nature Architects


Avla Nature Architects, a personal initiative of M. Sami Akbeniz, is an earthwork contracting company established in 2008 to serve in the garden, field, landscape and related earthworks in the Eastern Black Sea, Kaçkar Mountains natural basin.


Avla Nature Architects, which started its activities in Istanbul in 2013 and took part in important projects, as of 2014, Avla Kompost Gübre ve Toprak A.Ş. has been institutionalized under the name.


Avla Nature Architects, whose expertise and experience are based on the ability to work in all kinds of natural environments, including steep lands, which can be considered dangerous, and in areas where there are large roots of living grounds, from turn-key cover projects to field preparation, regime and soil laying to planting. has the ability to realize a high level of quality.


Providing the production and supply of all kinds of main and healing natural materials, especially in Istanbul and the Marmara region, Avla Doğa Architects continues its production activities in Gebze Nursery and provides services from its intermediate warehouses in Ayazağa and Çavuşbaşı, located in two main regions of Istanbul. .

Our mission is to return our fertile land, which has been eroded and lost and sent to dump in excavations, to return to the eco system by evaluating and enriching our national wealth.


Our target is to become a compost and vegetable soil production center with international standards.


Avla Kompost Gübre ve Toprak A.Ş.

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